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A chakra is a vortex of constantly moving energy.

Imagine subtle energies glowing and rotating like gears or becoming blocked and stagnant dependent on our physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. In Sanskrit, the classical language of India, chakra literally means “wheel.” While there may be thousands of chakras in a body, for simplicity’s sake seven primary chakras are usually focused on. They are often depicted as spinning wheels of light forming a ladder from the base of the spine to the top of the head.


Knowledge of the chakra system was passed down orally for generations and documented in Vedic texts around 5,000 years ago, predating modern religions. Ayurveda, the Science of Life, utilizes chakras, foods, herbs, routines, rituals, meditations, elements, and environments in order to balance unevenness in the body, mind, and soul.


Chakras provide a language for the unseen. Simultaneously tangible and symbolic, the spiraling energy of the chakras corresponds with glands in the endocrine system, organs in the body, and nerve ganglia of the spinal column as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Also, each chakra corresponds directly with a color of the rainbow.


Red is earthy and fillled with life force. Images of fluids such as erupting lava and flowing blood are evoked.

Orange combines red and yellow, which brings out creative characteristics of both in the form of curiosity and playfulness.

Yellow powers up our bodies and minds helping us to focus, digest, and shed light on issues that arise.

Green is natural, nourishing, balancing, expanding, and growth oriented.

Blue is the shade of communication and expression with all the potential expansiveness of the ocean and sky.

Indigo is perceptive and aware, eliciting feelings of solitude and peacefulness.

Violet asks us to use our imaginations, to daydream, to meditate and go beyond the safety of what we know.


Gunked up and groggy? Looking to feel more vibrant and healthy? Cleansing purifies the body, preventing or repairing degeneration by eliminating wastes and toxins in tissues and organs. Taking a break from foods while drinking fresh vegetable and fruit juices plus plenty of water allows the body to recharge while still accessing  nutrients.


We can look at cleansing our bodies in the same way we look at maintaining our cars. If we never check, clean, or replace clogged tubes, and continue to drive them, they often break down. Chemicals and preservatives are present in much of our modern food while our “machines” are designed to run most optimally on clean, unpolluted, unprocessed fuel from Mother Earth.


Cleansing increases your sense of willpower and follow through. Many ancient cultures, great thinkers, philosophers, and writers swore by the wisdom of cleansing and fasting. This practice helps remind us of our boundless potential.



Jacquelyn received her yoga certification studying at the Himalaya Yoga Valley in India and has completed intensive chakra psychology and yoga training at Sacred Centers in Northern California. A student of East West Planetary Herbology, she is dedicated to crafting healing experiences. Jacquelyn lives with her husband, two daughters, and cat in San Francisco. www.JacquelynKrieger.com