“At the end of the seven days, I felt so empowered I didn’t want it to end. In fact, I spent three days easing back into solid foods. I was vibrant and connected. During the program, I was surprised to find that hunger and cravings were not an issue. I have a new level of oneness with my body. Giving it a rest from the business of digesting allowed it to communicate more clearly and set a new baseline of connection and partnership between body, mind, and spirit. I am permanently empowered.”
~Zoë Kors


“ChakWave is a treasure! Not only are Jacquelyn’s juices amazing and delicious, but she has a remarkable way of sharing her knowledge of the chakras where all can relate and are inspired to make a commitment to healthy living. I use her book to train my Wee Yogis teachers around the world.”
~Jocelyn “Jyoti” Kay Levy


“ChakWave is an amazingly comprehensive cleanse for the mind and body. The cleanse was expertly crafted by Jacquelyn, providing a thoughtful experience to nourish the physical and subtle bodies. All components were beautifully complementary, allowing for deep healing and rejuvenation. I felt renewed on many levels after I completed the program, and I can’t wait for the next time!”
~Abby Yarger


“ChakWave is a delicious blend of full, ripe taste, vibrant, stimulating color, sweet, sensual scents, and the perfect energetic boost for whatever you need that day!”
~Andrea Brook


“This is FANTASTIC!”
~Joshua Townshend


“To see color in it’s full spectrum and vividness is a sign of health and a positive mood. ChakWave’s juices bring attention to color as a reminder of the chakra system while providing nourishing support to the body on the inside. Health begins in the kitchen, and the more colorful the better!”
~Lina Augius, MD MPH


“ChakWave is more than a book on juicing, it’s a blueprint for how to live an abundantly creative, nourished, and integrated life. Jacquelyn is intrepid in her appetite for research and innovation synthesizing this vibrantly conceived and communicated health and wellness plan. To live a ChakWave inspired life is to come home to a fully nourished self in mind, body and spirit.” 
~Elizabeth Yochim


“ChakWave is fantastic, refreshing, and nourishing. Being healthy should always taste this great! Love it. Viva ChakWave!”
~Norman Madrid


“I discovered flavors while tasting ChakWave I never knew existed.”
~Guru Thapar

“For me, some juices tasted good, some juices made me giddy, while others felt like they were warming my soul.” 
~Lisa Delgin

“Wonderfully weird juices.”
~Seth Godin


“The extra love and attention that goes into this cosmic concoction of ChakWave juices does not go unnoticed by your mind, body, spirit or tastebuds! Each juice is a super-tasty-super-fusion, hand-crafted with its vibrant color and medicinal herbal properties formulated to align your corresponding chakras—like a magic mantra elixir! 

Jacquelyn uses only the highest quality ingredients available with each juice “chak” full of only the freshest organic, fruits, veggies, herbs, seeds and superfoods! She is passionate, she’s done her homework, and you’ll taste it in every sip. I’ve used her juices and have followed her guide for seasonal detoxing on numerous occasions, and I come out vibrant, energized and glowing every time. I’ve been a fresh juice-drinking vegan for years, having tried and tasted my share of various juice brands. I’ve found nothing on the market that comes close to ChakWave! If you’re seeking your ideal juice or juice cleanse, look no further—ChakWave will have you refreshed, restored, rejuvenated and realigned!”
~Janette Gorney


“ChakWave is a spiritual, enlightening, yummy, healthy, great time!! I feel absolutely AMAZING!!” 
~Andy Deal


“While I try to eat healthy, I was always terrible at ‘dieting’ and never even went near doing a cleanse. But a friend talked me into doing the ChakWave juice cleanse . . . ‘just try it for one day and you’ll want to keep going,’ she said. And she was totally right. I wasn’t at all hungry or ‘lacking’ food, but I felt light and I had tons of energy. The juices are so yummy and filling. And by the 3rd day, my skin was noticeably glowing. And just as an extra plus, I was less bloated and lost a few pounds. Through the process, I learned a lot about my eating habits too. I have recommended this cleanse to so many people—I wish everyone could try it and experience these benefits!” 
~Nikki Eisinger


“I didn’t have a juicer so used a blender to make the ChakWave recipes for my cleanse. I felt the effect upon the taste of my first glass. It’s taught me how to feel my body, and now I know what it wants. Thank you Jacquelyn!”
 ~Joe P. Said


“I have a client who is struggling in her relationship so I sent her some of the info about the Root Chakra from your site, emphasizing the meditation and encouraging her to research the chakra on her own to re-ground herself. She just emailed me and is in a MUCH better place. Among other things, she bought herself a huge bouquet of red flowers and had her toenails painted red as a reminder. It made me smile—such a lovely image, and one inspired by ChakWave, so I wanted to share. Your impact is rippling out across the country.” 
~Catrina Gregory


“I’m so all about the green juice . . . blew me away in such a ne way. I’ve been thinking about it ever since.” 
~Erick Brownstein